Two celebrations of Shizukuishi are introduced, the sinn replica SBGW263 & SBGW264y

sinn replica's mechanical watches were created in the Morioka facility in the Sizukuishi region, north of Honshu. It is a beautiful, mountainous area of Japan. sinn replica watches also take inspiration from it, such as the elegant and subtle Mt. Iwate dials get their names from nearby peaks.

sinn replica is celebrating its 60th year anniversary this year. This theme will be a common theme in the 2020 releases. There's more to celebrate, however. The sinn replica Studio Shizukuishi will be located alongside the existing Morioka facility and will offer increased production as well as more ways sinn replica's loyal can interact with the brand. If a trip to Japan is not on your agenda, sinn replica also has two celebrations planned for Shizukuishi: the limited-edition manually-wound watch SBGW263 or SBGW264. The former is a stunning affair in hand-worked Platinum, while the latter is a jewel of green and gold.

The 39mm case in platinum is already elegant, but the dial elevates it, just like sinn replica. The watch's beauty is not dependent on printing or pattern, but on the precise hand engraving of Kiyoshi Terui (a master engraver) and his small team. The dial's details, including the hour markers, chapter rings, and the sinn replica logo,IWC Aquatimer Replica are exquisitely engraved in white gold. They were done with great confidence using precise strokes of a razor sharp buren. This time-consuming piece is extremely limited, only 20 of them being produced.

The SBGW264 is the second limited edition to celebrate Shizukuishi. It's a manually wound, 9S64-powered, manual-winding, 39mm wide and 11.6mm high. The deep forest green dial has an intricate machine-engraved pattern and contrasts beautifully with the gold case. sinn replica claims that the dial glows green or white depending on how it is viewed,Replica Rolex Milgauss similar to the forest of silver-birch trees in Shizukuishi. This model's dial and hands, like SBGW263, have a slightly and subtly curved design for elegance and legibility. The watch will be limited to 120 pieces. Both models are available starting in July.

Technical Specification - SBGW263


9S64 manual-winding, 72 hour power reserve, accuracy to +5/-3 seconds per jour


Platinum, 39mm x 11.8mm


Engraved 18K White Gold


Crocodile leather with a three-fold platinum clasp

Limit 20 pieces, recommended sinn replica retail price 101,000 Euros (USD 115.155).

Technical Specification - SBGW264


9S64 manual-winding, 72 hour power reserve, accuracy to +5/-3 seconds


Rose gold, 39mm x 11.6mm


Machine engraved, green


Crocodile leather

Limit 120 pieces, recommended retail price 25,000 Euros (USD 28,504)

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