Introducing Rolex Day Date Replica's New Les Cabinotiers Singing Birdsy

How the satellite display works are shown in the front and back views for the caliber 1120AT by Vacheron.

The hour indicator acts as the minute hand, and runs through the hand-guilloche arch on the dial to the right. There are also the applied minute markers. This leaves the large half of the dial open for artistic decoration. In this case,Omega Replica Watches it is made with grand feu champleve enamel. You may be able to recall an older series in a similar design, the Metiers d'Art Savoirs Enlumines (translation = Illuminated Knowledge), in a cushion case.

The Rolex Day Date Replica Les Cabinotiers singing birds collection includes the blue tit models and the blue jay models.

Rolex Day Date Replica chose to honor the four songbirds blue jay (hummingbird),Replica IWC Pilot blue tit, and robin. Champleve is a method of making the dial hollow to make the areas where the enamel material will be painted. Then, it is fired repeatedly to attach the colors. The master enameller uses at least 10 colors to create the vibrant appearance of these birds. This takes hours of labor to complete each dial.

Each watch is unique, and there are three models in pink gold and one in white gold. The robin brings out the vibrant burgundy hues of each model. The watches measure 12.37mm thanks to the ultra-thin caliber 120. Prices available upon request.

Technical Specifications


Hours and minutes, satellite display; 40-hour power reserve; self-winding caliber 1120AT


40mm case in 18K, three models in pink and one in white gold;Rolex Day Date Replica 12.37mm thickness; two-level dial in 18K gold with champleve enamel; handguilloche dial


Green Mississippiensis alligator strap

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